We are PD Guitars.

We build, we repair, we rock!

We are PD Guitars.

We build, we repair, we rock!

What do we do?

We make awesome instruments

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But we also do other stuff


We build both custom amps and speakers. You are welcome to step by and try them out. You can also find some of them on YouTube.

repair & SERVICE

We repair broken instruments and electronics. We also do complete service and setups. Check out our price page to see what we can do for you.


You want to do something unusal with your gear and can't find anybody to make it happen? Do not worry, for you have landed in the right place!
Great set of dudes and a asskicking arsenal of guitars. I played the black LP model at the FuzzShow '17 and I'll give that axe a 10 out of 10. Put a neck pickup on it and bring it next year (and a wha pedal) and I'll play it until you kick me out of there along with the guitar. 

Björn Kromm

Bear Bone Company

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I got my Les Paul set up, the frets re-crowned, new pickup (a great sounding Merlin), some minor issues with the electronics fixed and some other stuff done. I am very satisfied with the result. Recommended.

Gustav Jørgen Pedersen


Very skillful man, he works on all of my guitars and they are better to play every time he has laid his hands on them. Seriously recommended!

Frank Andrè Jørgensen

Phenomenal service and expertise. Fixed my old Marshall v80 8080 Solid State - increased it's capacity and gave it a much warmer sound. Fixed the Epiphone BluesHawk making it a truly playable and beautiful machine!

King Alex Drums

I use one of PD Guitars - Relic Tele. That's one of the best guitars I ever played. It's beautiful, very comfortable with amazing sound. I suggest to not think too much, just try those guitars.

Lukasz Grucha

Awesome stuff!
Killer guitars, amps and really nice people as well! By far the best luthier in Oslo.

Henrik Antonsson

Fantastisk service - meget hyggelig og ikke minst råflink!
Anbefaler med det varmeste for både gitarer og forsterkere - om du skal kjøpe nye - er han også fyren som har alt. Ikke minst toppe end kvalitet!

Anthony Dinning

Had my nut replaced after a little accident.
Very good craftsmanship to an affordable price, he also changed my strings and did some glue work on some cracks. Very nice guys, highly recommended!

Thomas Røkås

I have been literally blown away from the Tele Relic tried at the FuzzGuitarShow 2016

Ubaldo Tiberi



Peder Holters vei 16,
1168 Oslo


feel free to ask anything

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Peder Holters vei 16,
1168 Oslo